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Buy a Crate: We personally like the PetMate Navigator. It is a plastic crate that comes with dividers so it can grow with your puppy. The door opens from the left or the right. We personally don't like the wire crates because there have been too many puppies getting their little jaws and noses stick in the wire. The wire crates are fine for full grown dogs, but not for PUPPIES. We suggest getting a plastic crate for training your puppy. 

During the first few weeks, keep your puppy in the crate whenever you are not playing, holding or watching them explore their new surroundings. Crating also helps make your dog less stressed out in those times where they need to stay in a crate at the vets, at the groomers, or on an airplane. 

Things you need before bringing your puppy home:

- crate (Petmate Navigator) - not a wire crate

- 2 Kongs for crate time (fill with yogurt, kibble & freeze)

- Training treats 

- Toys (we will provide you with 1-2 toys)

- Make vet appointment for Puppy Wellness Check up with your puppy within 3 business days of taking your puppy home. Bring a stool sample to this appointment.

- Collar & leash

- Name tags are cute but not necessary 

- Stainless steel food and water dish

- Hair brush (brush daily to get them used to the brush)

- Food (Nutrience is recommended) 

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