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The Cavapoo is a crossbreed that results from breeding a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavapoos are hypoallergenic dogs and the ideal companion for people with allergies. Cavapoos are extremely social and easy-going, getting along well with humans and animals alike. 


The Cavapoo is a small dog with physical features that may resemble either the Poodle or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavapoos may have a wavy or silky coat that can come in different colours: 

                              - Chestnut

                             - White 

                             - Black 

                             - Gold 

                             - Chestnut and white (Blenheim) 

                             - Black, white, and tan (tricolour)

Cavapoos have long, floppy ears, and a round face. Their size usually varies between 28 and 35 cm (11-14 inches) for the Toy Cavapoo. Their weight ranges from 10-15 pounds. 

Character & Temperament 

The Cavapoo is known for its exceptional temperament, which makes it a great family pet. Cavapoos are extremely friendly and sweet, getting along well with children and pets. They are intelligent and people-oriented, and are a great choice for first time dog owners, as they are adaptable and easy to handle. Cavapoos are generally easy to train, as long as consistency is kept. Cavapoos are loyal, very social, and kind and also make a good therapy dog. They are good watchdogs, making sure their owner is warned of any visitor that is arriving. 


Cavapoos are intelligent dogs that learn quickly. As with any other dog, consistency and repetition is paramount. Daily training sessions are recommended and a gentle hand is preferred. 


Cavapoos usually live long lives of 13-15 years. Because they are a mixed breed, they will have less tendency to have health problems than their parents. 

Exercise & Activity Levels

Cavapoos require moderate exercise. They are a small crossbred and thus do not require high physical activity. Nevertheless, they do need at least one long walk each day. 


Cavapoos are considered a low-maintenance crossbreed. A weekly brush will keep their coat healthy and shiny and precent knots. However, because every dog may be different, those with longer hair may require a little more grooming and a monthly clipping or trimming may suit them best. Cavapoos have a tendency for having tear stains, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth when needed. Teeth brushing, ear cleaning and the occasional nail clipping as needed. 

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